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SafetyTec is a top performing Life Safety Contractor for commercial cooking facilities operating in the Mid-West.

Our company culture, technician training and education program, and proven standard operating procedures allows us to create world-class technicians. Additionally, we provide outstanding and consistent service results for our customers.

Most importantly, we continue to lead this market with outstanding service levels and high productivity. In addition, efficient scheduling and administrative staff, and a dynamic sales force.
The competence, skill, or activity level expected of a professional, rather than an amateur.
Andy Jacobs is an IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association) CECS (Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist) and CESI (Certified Exhaust System Inspector). All supervisors, technicians, and office personnel are required to complete and pass the KEC Concepts educational program. This program is designed specifically for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. As a result, this provides the most competent and knowledgeable staff available to support you and your needs.
The quality or state of being correct or precise. The degree to which the result of a specification conforms to the correct standard.
Our work meets—and exceeds—all jurisdictional codes. For instance, our experts are knowledgeable and understand the NFPA 96 and ANSI C-10 (2016), I-10(2015) and M-10 (2019) standards. This gives you confidence that you're always in compliance with the required codes and regulations.

SafetyTec Services Standard Operating Protocols are completely guided by both NFPA 96 and ANSI Standards. These are national standards dictating how and to what extent commercial exhaust systems are to be inspected, cleaned, serviced and maintained. The quality, integrity, and accuracy of the service we provide meet and exceed all code requirements.
The ratio of the amount of useful work performed in a process to the amount of total work performed. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WORKING HARD AND WORKING SMART!
SafetyTec Solutions will perform a no-cost, no-obligation survey of your complete facility including the entire exhaust system. Then, we will provide you with a complete analysis of your facility's current safety condition. For example, this includes fire alarms, sprinkler system, fire suppression, kitchen exhaust system, and emergency lighting. And, if there are areas that need improvement or have deficiencies, we may be able to help with compliance by making corrections.
The practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to moral and ethical principles and values.
Setting our standards above the competition, SafetyTec Solutions offers a unique service guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results of your service, SafetyTec Solutions will return within 72 hours to correct the issue to your liking, free of charge.
The combined action of a group of people in a positive direction, especially when cooperation, efficiency and effectiveness are involved.
The professional team members at SafetyTec work together to ensure every service we provide is top-notch. Additionally, we work to create a culture in which teamwork is celebrated and rewarded, because when our team succeeds, our customers have safe and compliant work spaces.
The action of teaching a person a particular skill, process, or procedure.
The SafetyTec Solutions technician training program is one of the best in the industry. We proudly prepare our technicians to become confident, competent and proficient in delivering excellent customer service. They're armed with knowledge and information available at their fingertips.
The standard of a distinctive attribute measured against other similar attributes, or the degree of excellence in something.
Kitchen exhaust cleaning and maintenance can be a dirty job. While many of our competitors have earned the reputation of being called “hood wipers” or even “hoodlums,” SafetyTec Solutions has earned recognition for being one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and well-trained certified life safety contractors in the region.

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