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Exhaust Fan Maintenance

Have You Checked Under the Hood Lately?

Your kitchen exhaust fan will last longer, run better, and reduce unexpected expenses with regular exhaust fan maintenance from SafetyTec Services.

Why wait until smoke fills your kitchen during a busy Friday night before checking your exhaust fan? We can greatly reduce the risk of this happening to you!

Therefore, SafetyTec Services offers the following series to make sure your fan is running to its fullest potential:

  • First, we change fan belts with every service so they won't break.
  • Also, we perform regular maintenance to extend your fan's optimum life and productivity.
  • Most importantly, a thorough cleaning of the inside of the fan housing to maintain a clean environment for your fan motor. As a result, this will optimize peak performance and the life of your fan motor.

Lastly, at SafetyTec Services, we never settle for anything less than 100 percent. For instance, this includes customer satisfaction, compliance with all standards, and confidence that we will do the job correctly.

“We will never receive what we idly wish for, but what we justly earn. Our rewards are always in exact proportion to the level of service we deliver.”

Schedule an appointment today for your commercial kitchen cleaning needs and exhaust fan maintenance. One of our specialists will guarantee that your fan won't leave you stranded, and we'll make sure that it's always running in peak condition.

“SafetyTec’s quality of work is top-notch. The customer service and thoroughness of service is great, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
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Chef Richard Patton

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