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Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Cooking Appliance Cleaning: Your Kitchen Needs a Clean Start

Give your commercial kitchen equipment a new lease on life with SafetyTec's appliance cleaning services.

Rid your appliances of unwanted build-up of grease and grime with a SafetyTec signature cleaning.

Our technicians at SafetyTec Services have the expertise and know-how to apply effective processes and procedures to your kitchen cooking equipment.

Whether it's fryers, char-broilers, ovens, stoves, or smokers, SafetyTec Services guarantees to leave your appliances sparkling every time. For instance, we use a mix of our arsenal of tools and equipment to provide unparalleled service results.

Call the professionals at SafetyTec Services to evaluate your equipment and provide you with a no-obligation quote today!

Duct Cleaning Services

SafetyTec Solutions is now a certified operator of the TEGRAS cleaning system. This highly effective European technology by TEINOVA combines mechanical scrubbing action with automatic chemical application, time, pressure, and temperature to clean commercial ductwork. 

Our certified team members can install access doors and drains in the ductwork if needed, and inspect the interior surfaces of the ductwork to determine the extent of the grease and grime buildup.  The degreaser is then applied to the interior surfaces and duct brushing machines run through the ductwork length. The ducts are rinsed and drained and a final inspection will reveal the cleaned ductwork through after-service photographs. 

Reduce your risk for fires and increase your kitchen exhaust system’s efficiency with duct cleaning services from SafetyTec Solutions! Call our team today to discuss duct cleaning services for your commercial kitchen.

“SafetyTec does a great job for us, and they are a very professional organization. SafetyTec gives us the assurance that the job gets done correctly.”
Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers
Scott Redler, COO & Co-Founder

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